Champion Agency is dedicated to developing insurance solutions for our brokers, agents, and financial professionals.

It’s more than a sale for us. We are the boutique shop for agents looking to connect their clients with the most prudent financial solutions. We believe that there are unknowns in life. Our goal is to make some of those uncertainties certain by finding the most tax efficient solutions for your clients’ future.

Champion Agency develops these solutions using industry best life, annuity, individual disability, and long-term care products. We pair our solutions with broker-centric customer service and a dedication to educational opportunities. This allows us to provide our agents and their clients with an unparalleled insurance purchasing experience.

We strongly believe that case facts matter.  Each client has a unique set of circumstances and our research has shown there are three fundamental buying truths:

1- People fix big problems, not small ones.
2- When given a choice, people will fix a big problem before they pursue an opportunity.
3- People are capable of deciding if they want to fix a problem without having to know how.

We help our partners in acquiring clients and assisting them with financial solutions using insurance.

Our proprietary sales technology platform takes a case from begining to end with post sale policy performance tracking. Our services include proven strategies that include financial alternatives, business valuations, and for the right situations a choice of using other peoples money to fund our solutions.