Our sales automation tools enable your business to standardize your tasks, from generating new leads into potential customers to reporting and performance evaluations on business you place with us. 

Our Pre Sales Tools:
Sales Concepts that are integrated as part of the actual insurance illustration.

New Business Tools:
Quickly view pending requirements and your outstanding action items.

 In Force Management Tools:
Active e-Alerts
In-Force Illustrations set up at time of sale
In-Force Illustration with Benchmark comparisons (graphics included)
Segment Maturity Reports for Indexed Universal Life Policies
Active Reminders- for all scheduled policy changes that require agent/client action

We help you look good across all areas of the business.  Whether it’s keeping you aware of the newest
product offerings, creating easy to explain tax reduction strategies or helping train you newest hire.

We help you grow your business.
This allows you to succeed with:

  • Confidence – maintaining a positive attitude.
    Resilience – communicating with conviction.
    Active Listening – understanding the customers’ needs.
    Rapport Building – selling your personality
    Entrepreneurial Spirit – continual self-improvement