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Individual Long Term Care from Mutual of Omaha

Dec. 10 2019

Pacific Life Using BIZ To Grow Your Practice: Lead Generation Resources

Oct. 11 2019

Pension Optimization Plan

October 8 2019

Andy Weinhaus Pension Optimiation Presentation done in Florida
Pacific Life Competition Updates

October 1, 2019

Indexalyzer Become an Index Expert

August 13, 2019

Pacific Life’s New BizNet Platform

July 16, 2019

Fixed Indexed Annuities: Real Bonuses Real Guarantees Sell

June 26

Tax Efficient Retirement Planning for High-Earning Clients

June 10, 2019

Pacific Life Beyond The Numbers with Riley Thornburgh

April 23, 2019

Pacific Life Introduces New IUL’s: PDX 2 and PIA 6

April 2 2019

OneAmerica Asset-Care Solutions

Feb 12 2019

Maximize your clients annuity portfolio

Jan 8, 2019

Benefits and Features of Pacific Life’s Index Accounts

Nov. 6 2018

Using 199A Deduction with Life Insurance Strategies

October 9 2018

FIA Classic/Flex Mark Sales Training

Aug 21 2018

LTCi Budget Designs to Custom Solutions for Affluent Clients

June 12 2018

Supercharge Your Policy Management with PPT

May 8 2018

Premium Financing The Transparent Way (Skip 1st Minute)

April 10 2018

Pacific Discovery Protector IUL

March 13 2018

FIA FlexMark Sales Training

Feb 27 2018

LTC 1035 Exchanges and Reverse Combo Plans


LTC Business Tax Leveraging Using Business Buddy (Fall 2017)


LTC Leveraging a Slice to Protect the Whole Pie Using Benefits Buddy
Pacific Life Navigating the Unknowns

2017 6/13/2017

Maximizing a Life Portfolio with Premium Financing
Whole Life vs. IUL


Premium Finance


Estate Planning & Legacy System